Beauty and Majesty Of God

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Ugliness pervades our culture. We see the hatred of cultures, the destruction of our world, the sadness that affects our society day after day. When God dwells in a person, the color of his skin is not relevant; it’s not the most important thing any more. The main thing is that God is living in a person; then people will see God’s glory shining forth.

Sometimes all we can think is negative. Where does positive even enter our frame of mind?The truth is yes; our society is bad. But let us not forget the good things that God has placed before us. Let us remember the Lord is still reigns in ultimate authority. Let us not forget the beauty of God. He is beautiful, his work is beautiful. Remembering the goodness of the Lord cuts through all the negativity around us.

Being in a place where God’s glory is expressed is to be at the right place.

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