Serving the Alachua Florida Community

The Church in Alachua, Florida came into existence in the year of 1919 under the Leadership/Pastor of Elder Aaron Matthews.  The Church was located on Old Copeland Road in Alachua.  The Church grew in membership and in faith.  Down through the years, the Church in Alachua has been blessed to have had several great men to lead and feed the people of God. 


The First National Assembly of the Churches of God by Faith, Inc. was held in White Springs, Florida in the year of 1917, the Lord Blessed His people to prosper growing in grace and in faith.  The Second Assembly was held in Santos, Florida in the year 1922.  These great assemblies were led by our Founding Fathers:  Elder John Bright (Moderator), Elder Aaron Matthews (Bishop), Elder Nathaniel Scippio (First National Evangelist) and Elder Hubert Steadman (Executive Secretary).  Under the leadership of the Holy Ghost, these spirit-filled men led the Church and the people of God until their work was done.



Also, in the year of 1922, another assembly was held at Alachua Church of God by Faith and the meetings continued there until the year of 1940.  After which, a decision was made by our leaders (because of their vision and the growth); the General Assembly moved to the City of Ocala, Florida in December 1941. 


After the Assemblies moved to Ocala, Florida, the Church continued to grow in Alachua.  The old sanctuary stood until it was downsized from a two-story building to a single building.  Elder George Dix, Sr. preached faith and presented a vision to build and the people had a mind to work.  Out of that vision, a new sanctuary was erected which was dedicated to the Lord in the year of 1979.  We are still serving and praising in this sanctuary today.


In the year of 1995, the Church at Alachua, Florida would no longer be known as Alachua Church of God by Faith.   But, under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost, Elder George Dix, Sr., being led of God to rename the Church:  Foundation Chapel Church of God by Faith.


The following Elders pastored at Foundation Chapel Church of God by Faith, Alachua, Florida:  Elder Taylor, Elder Enoch George, Elder Daniel Lewis, Elder C.A. McKnight, Elder James Williams, Elder George Dix, Sr., Elder Aaron Matthews, and Elder Willie J. McKnight Sr.


Currently serving as pastor is Pastor Timothy Henderson who was appointed in 2019.